The Tiny Gallery

A Very Big Opportunity for Very Small Art

Creative Arts Workshop (CAW) is proud to announce the opening of its third gallery space: the Tiny Gallery at Creative Arts Workshop. The Tiny Gallery joins the Hilles Gallery and the Creative Works Gallery as a premiere space for visual art exhibitions in the prestigious Audubon Arts District.

A Tiny Gallery, huh? Where is it, exactly?
The Tiny Gallery is located within the lighted display ‘totem’ outside Creative Arts Workshop, at 80 Audubon Street in New Haven. The Tiny Gallery is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Viewers can see into the gallery from two sides, and the space is lighted from the top and bottom. Please note: the Tiny Gallery is fully enclosed, but the space is not climate-controlled, nor can CAW guarantee that it is completely weather-proof.

Just how tiny is this gallery?
Well, it’s pretty tiny. The gallery measures 10-3/4 wide by 10-3/4 deep by 17 tall. That’s in inches, of course.

How can I get in on this?
Submissions should include a written proposal, artist statement and images of work completed within the last two years. If you have a specific idea of what your tiny installation will look like, CAW’s Gallery Committee suggests that you submit representative drawings or images in your proposal. To get a sense for the scale of the Tiny Gallery, we recommend that you stop by to view the space prior to submitting.

When will my work be on display?
Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. If we select your work, we’ll assign you the next available slot in the Tiny Gallery schedule. The duration of each exhibition is negotiable.

Is this going to cost me anything?
No! There is no entry fee to submit work for display in the Tiny Gallery.

Can I talk to someone about my big – but small – ideas?
Absolutely! Please send submissions and inquiries to:
Gallery Committee
Creative Arts Workshop
80 Audubon Street
New Haven, CT 06510