Creative Arts Workshop has three gallery spaces:  the Susan B. Hilles Gallery, the Creative Works Gallery, and the Tiny Gallery. All exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge on weekdays from 9-7 and Saturdays from 9-12.

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The Susan B. Hilles Gallery
The Hilles Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with two floors of exhibition space and a gracious two-story window facade. The gallery maintains an active exhibition schedule of both regional and national exhibitions.

Creative Works Gallery
The Creative Works Gallery is a smaller exhibition space that rotates shows of works by CAW faculty, students and local artists. As with the larger gallery, most artworks are for sale and proceeds benefit the artist and help cover the operational costs of the Workshop.

The Tiny Gallery
The Tiny Gallery is located within the lighted display ‘totem’ outside Creative Arts Workshop. The gallery explores the concept of public art… on a very small scale.