Celebration of American Crafts: Application

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Your contact information is used only for communication regarding Celebration. However, your name will appear as listed in any promotional material and payments; business name will be used if given.

Your Work

We look forward to seeing your work and learning more about you and your process.  Please submit at 1-3 specific examples of your work for the Jury's consideration.


high quality .jpeg preferred; .gif, .png, .pdf also accepted. no larger than 1100 pixels on the image's longest side.

high quality .jpeg preferred; .gif, .png, .pdf also accepted. no larger than 1100 pixels on the image's longest side.

high quality .jpeg preferred; .gif, .png, .pdf also accepted. no larger than 1100 pixels on the image's longest side.

Maker Contract


CAW will pay to the Maker 60% of the price set by the Maker for retail sale of each item sold, retaining 40% as its commission.


The Maker will be paid 60% of the agreed upon retail price for all items sold in two installments - December 20, 2017 and January 31, 2018. Return-shipping charges, if applicable, are deducted from the final payment.


All works will be insured by CAW from the time received until the Maker receives unsold items. In the event of loss through breakage, theft, or other means (except for damage resulting from flaws inherent in the work), CAW will pay the Maker their 60% and retain the work. With regard to the work that is to be picked up after the sale, CAW will not be responsible for the items left after one week beyond the scheduled pick-up date.


The Maker pays shipping, insurance charges, and shipping materials for all work sent to and returned from CAW. The maker can hand-deliver and pickup work to CAW during designated times.  CAW will notify makers when their work is available for pick up.  Makers living within driving distance of CAW are strongly encouraged to hand deliver and pick up their work.

Returned Items

If the items are return-shipped, the Maker must open the package, check all returned items, and, if necessary, file any claims within 10 days of receipt. If the Maker has not received their unsold work by the end of February, he/she must contact CAW before the end of March to file a claim. All claims made after April 1 will not be guaranteed by CAW.

Photo Release

The acceptance of work in the Celebration shall further include permission to photograph work and/or use images for publicity and educational purposes, including promotional and press materials, advertising, publications, website and e-blasts. The Maker will be identified with his or her work and the photographer will be credited.

Acceptance of Work

CAW reserves the right of final review on all items delivered. Please note that sending work to CAW means that the Maker has agreed to the terms above, whether or not CAW receives a signed consignment agreement.

Type your initials and date (ex. "CAW, 06/01/17") to sign that you agree to the Maker Agreement if selected to exhibit.