About Us

Creative Arts Workshop is a nonprofit regional center for education in the visual arts that has served the Greater New Haven area since 1961. Located in the heart of the award-winning Audubon Arts District, the Workshop offers a wide range of classes in the visual arts in its own three-story building with fully equipped studios and an active exhibition schedule in its well known Hilles Gallery. More than 2,000 adults and young people enroll annually in the over 400 courses offered by Creative Arts Workshop, while thousands of visitors enjoy the exhibitions in both galleries throughout the year.

Creative Arts Workshop makes the arts available to all who want to participate. CAW is supported by its membership, tuition fees, arts-related fundraising events and sponsors. Additional funding is received from corporate and individual contributors as well as from grants for special projects from both public funds and charitable foundations.


Creative Arts Workshop is an educational and cultural resource center devoted to fostering creativity through participation in, appreciation of and leadership in the visual arts. CAW affirms its commitment to making programs available to a broad and diverse population.

Quick Facts

Did you know? Creative Arts Workshop is the largest community art school in Connecticut.

  • Over 2,000 student artists call CAW home
  • 400 classes and workshops in fine art, design, and craft
  • 50 professional artists serve as instructors
  • 30,000 guests visit exhibitions in 3 free galleries